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No preamble. You know why you're here.

Still Life, "Evidence" recap, from the beginning of the beta cam tape . . .

Still Life – Evidence

20th Century Fox TV



Ep. #1AHJ02




Bart Simpson with the sound check

Previouslies recap Jake's death, Max’s disappearance, Daisy thinks Jake’s still around, Max & Maggie’s history, Max’s staking out Eddie’s place, Em finding the journal, Em & Gid.

Act I

Blue wash. Pictures of Jake as a child, toy, toothbrush, etc.

VOJ: When I died, my body was gone forever. Burned. But I left the story of my life behind in objects—books, shoes, toys, even what kind of toothpaste I used. Now that story’s there for anybody to read, even the parts I fought to keep secret when I was alive.

Blue wash fades up on:

Interior, Em’s bedroom, Day:

Em is searching the wall vent in her room for Jake’s journal. Max is with her. (For those keeping track, Max is wearing a gray camo t-shirt under a red athletic jacket with a black stripe down the sleeve. His hair is looking particularly Sam-like in this ep, though he doesn’t wear it as long as Sam does.)

Max: Well? Anything?

Em. No. I’ve looked everywhere.

Max: How do you lose Jake’s journal? What if there’s evidence in there?

Em: (frustrated) I know, Max. I swear I put it in here, and I just, I don’t know. I don’t know where it could be.

Max searches under her bedding and mattresses.

Em: I looked there.

Max: Maybe somebody found it.

Em: God, I hope not.

Max: (just a touch of urgency in his voice) Why?

Em: (gets up off the floor and starts looking through the top drawer of her dresser) Well, what if there’s stuff in there, you know, that . . . Don’t you think we should protect what he wrote? Especially from Mom and Dad. I mean, come on. Would you want them reading your diary?

Max checks under the pillows on a built-in sitting area under the window.

Max: No, but this is different. I mean, there could be something in there, you know. Something to help the investigation. Something they don’t already have.

Em stops her searching. Max sees she’s stopped and stops, too.

Max: Did you read something like that?

Em: No, Max. (But we can tell she’s not being truthful. She looks under the pillows Max just checked.)

Max: But you read something.

Em: No.

Max: What is it?

Em stops and sits on the bench in front of the window. She looks at Max like she’s completely lost.

Em: He wrote that he scored.

Max: What do you mean?

Em: He wrote, “37 Channel, scored.”

Max: Scored, like, what? Drugs?

Em: See, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. The fact that we even ask that question now, it’s wrong. Jake didn’t do drugs.

Max: What did he write, exactly?

Em: Just “37 Channel, scored.”

Max: Sounds like an address.

Em: (nodding) Probably.

Max: I’m gonna go there.

Em: Good luck. There’s, like, four hundred Channel Streets, Drives, Roads in the Bay area. I checked. (She rubs her hands down her thighs, helpless and looking to Max.)

Max: I don’t care, I’ll find it.

Max leaves Em sitting in her room.

Dissolve to:

Establishing shot: exterior, night, street sign, “Channel Rd.”

VOJ: I was hoping that my journal would disappear. Now it’s gone, and I don’t know if I got lucky or if it was me. I’d do anything to make my family remember the Jake they knew.

Dissolve to:

Exterior, Unknown house, Night:

We crane up to the second floor of the building and look into the window to see a blonde woman move the curtain back and look out. She’s probably late 20s/early 30s. She’s wearing a satin robe and smoking a cigarette.

VOJ (continuing): Solid, decent. Instead of everything that I hid. Everything could come out. And all I can do is watch.




David Keith [Ben Morgan]
Jensen Ackles [Max Morgan]
Audrey Marie Anderson [Emily Morgan]
Jeanette Brox [Daisy Morgan]
Morena Baccarin [Maggie Jones]
Bryce Johnson [Jake Morgan]
Susanna Thompson [Charlotte Morgan]

Created by Kip Koenig

(Note: This ep written by Kip Koenig)
(Note: This ep directed by Nick Marck)

Act II


VOJ: The day I turned 18, I conned my brother into splitting the cost of a road bike with me. We spent as much time fixin’ the thing as ridin’ it. She was a temperamental vixen, but we loved her. We had wheels.

Close-ups of parts of a motorcycle . . . engine, tires, dissolve into:

Interior/exterior, Morgan garage, Day:

Ben and Max lift the garage door to reveal the road bike Jake just told us about.
(Wardrobe: Max his wearing his brown suede jacket over blue t-shirt, jeans, and what look like Converse tennis shoes.. He has a satchel slung crosswise across his shoulder.)

Max pulls the canvas tarp off the bike and smiles. He’s pleased to see his bike again. For those keeping score, the bike is a Triumph.

Max: (with a smile) Sexy Beast.

Ben: Needs some oil. Donated the last pint to the garage floor.

Max: (looking the bike over thoroughly) Eh, some things never change. Think it’ll run?

Ben: (checking the hand breaks) Well, depending on what kind of mood she’s in. You know what I always say. Treat her nice—

Max: —and she’ll treat you nice.

Ben: That’s right. You know, you can use my car if you need to get around.

Max: That’s alright. I’ll take care of ‘er. Besides, I’m gonna need my own wheels if I’m gonna get a job, right?

Ben: (in agreement) Mm.

Max climbs on and kicks up the kick stand.

Cut to:

Interior, Morgan kitchen, Day:

Daisy wanders through, picks up a piece of paper off the island, smirks as she sits down.

Daisy: This has to be the worst poem I’ve ever read.

Em: It’s a shopping list, you dork.

Charlotte enters, wishing the girls a good morning.

Daisy asks Mom for a ride to Maggie’s. Maggie is helping Daisy with a paper. Mom thinks this is really nice. She’s glad Daisy and Maggie are spending time together. Charlotte asks Em what time dinner is tomorrow.

Em: (reading a sheet of paper . . . recipe, maybe?) I don’t know. Seven-ish?

Char: And his name is Gideon, right?

Em smiles and nods.

Daisy: (all smirking knowledge) You’re cooking asparagus. An aphrodisiac. Nice. Although I don’t know how wise it is to have all of us hot and bothered in front of your new lover.

Em: First of all, he is a friend from college. And second of all—

Daisy: A friend from college who you invited to the house to meet the parents. Okay, this guy must be a white hot lover.

Em: Second of all, if he were my lover, I’d kick your ass for using the word “lover.” (Moves to the cupboard to get a glass.)

Daisy: What about “sex partner”?

Em: (spinning on Daisy) Alright, do not say that around him. Can we please just try not to freak out?

Mom: Don’t worry Em, we’re going to make a good impression.

Em: (nodding nervous agreement, a small smile) I know. Make sure you tell Dad to, you know, go easy.

Mom: (nodding understanding) Okay. So what’s he like?

Em gets a dreamy smile on her face and shrugs a shoulder forward as she rests her chin on it.

Mom: Ooooh. That sounds promising.

Daisy: Don’t get your hopes up. Even if she does feel butterflies, she always finds some way to pull the “I can’t commit” card.

Em: (to Mom) I like him. I want your opinion. (To Daisy) Butterflies? What am I, like, nine? Give me my “poem.”

Cut to:

Exterior, Driveway, Day:

Ben comes through the patio gate with a black helmet for Max. It's not a full helmet, but more of one that just covers his head, not his ears or his face. Max is on the bike getting ready to give it a start-up.

Ben: Well, alright. The moment of truth.

Max chuckles, then leans in, as if sweet-talking the bike.

Max: Alright, if you start for me, I’ll buy you a gallon of high octane for lunch, okay? (The rubs the handle grips encouragingly. He kicks the starter, and the bike starts right up. Max’s smile is beautiful.)

Ben hands Max the helmet.

Ben: Well, alright. Be careful.

Max: (puts on the helmet) Will do. (And he takes off out of the drive as Ben goes back to the patio.)

Cut to:

Interior, Dining room, Day:

Em is folding cloth napkins in the only fancy way I know how to. I think it’s called a mitre hat. (*does Google search* Yep. It’s a bishop’s mitre.) Ben enters from the patio. During the conversation, Ben suits up for work, clipping his badge to his belt, clipping on his holster, putting on his tie.

Ben: So, uh, who’s this guy you’re bringing over?

Em: Gideon.

Ben: What’s he doing home? Did he drop out?

Em: He got kicked out of school for torturing puppies. (sweet smile) He graduated.

Ben: So he’s older.

Em: Daaad.

Ben: I can’t ask questions?

Em: You don’t ask questions. You accuse in a questioning tone.

Ben: Well, he’s dating. I’ve got a right to know about the guy.

Em stops folding as she gives the lowdown.

Em: He’s pre-law. He wants to go into the Secret Service.

Ben: (impressed) Really.

Em: (squinting, pondering) Yeah, or possibly clown school.

Ben: Emily.

Em: I don’t care what he does. I mean, we never even talk about it. Now, he’s decent. And if you’re not nice to him, I’ll marry him in Vegas while you sleep.

Ben: (putting on his suit coat) I’m nice to your boyfriends. Except the dirt bags. (He’s just giving Em a hard time now.)

Em: Alright, you know what? I’m canceling dinner.

Ben: (smiling) Come on, Em. I’ll be good. I promise.

Em: (not really enjoying the joke) You better. Or we’ll never do this again.

Ben: I’ll be a perfect host. (He winks at her before leaving through the patio doors.

Cut to:

Interior, Diner, Day:

Daisy and Maggie have been working on her paper. They gather up their stuff to leave.

Daisy: Thanks for your help. This paper would have sucked without you. And I wanted to let you know that no matter what happens with you and Max, we should still hang.

Maggie: Oh, totally.

Cut to:

Exterior, Coffee shop at the pier, Moments later:

Daisy: Jake would like it, if you were still part of the family.

Maggie: He would, would he?

Daisy: Yeah, that’s what he wants.

Maggie: Can you really feel him like that?

Daisy: I think I do. Most of the time.

Maggie: Does he ever tell you tomorrow’s lottery numbers and stuff?

Daisy: No. No, and it’s really starting to piss me off.

Cut to:

Interior, Gallery, Day:

Maggie returns to the gallery to find Max watching some workers hang a new exhibit.

Maggie: Max Morgan.

Max: Maggie Jones.

Maggie: (noticing what's in Max's hand) Motorcycle helmet. Does this mean the Beast is back?

Max: Back and badder than ever. (His smile is gorgeous.)

Maggie glances away shyly.

Max: So the other night. Uh, I thought we were supposed to meet for a movie.

Maggie: I know. I’m sorry. I was a little too frazzled to go out.

Max: (He’s not being mean) You could have called.

Maggie gives him a “look whose talking” look.

Max: I know. I should talk, right? (His confidence is shaken a little, and he glances away.)

Maggie: (As she passes him on her way to her desk, unloading her stuff, etc.) So you’re looking for work?

Max: No, not today. Uh, I found somethin’ about Jake. I don’t know what it means, and . . . I know that you were the closest one to him the last couple months. You were . . . talking with him, and living with him . . .

Maggie: (concerned) Alright.

Max: (He doesn’t quite know how to say this other than come right out) Was he using drugs?

Maggie: (raising her eyebrows in surprise) Jake? No way.

Max: Are you sure?

Maggie: Of course I’m sure. Why would you ask that?

Max: Something he wrote said that he scored somewhere. I need to know what it means, because it might lead to something, something to help get the case against Eddie moving. Do you still have some of his old stuff?

Maggie: Some, yeah.

Max: Alright, I need to see all of it.

Maggie nods agreement.

Cut to:

Exterior, Farmers market at pier, Day:

Gid accompanies Em as she buys things for the dinner she’s fixing. They banter back and forth about the produce, dating (he wants to do something this afternoon, she teases that she never wants to see him again), he wants her to blow off work, what’s she doing working there, anyway? “It’s a job,” Em says.

Gid points out that he’s seen where she lives, and he’s seen her mom on TV. She can afford not to work at a strip joint. “Uh, it’s a gentlemen’s club,” Em corrects, “and my parents don’t know I work there. Something to keep in mind tomorrow night.”

“I get to have dinner with your family and live your lie.”

“It’s truth withheld,” Em says. “I don’t actively lie.”

Em tells Gid that she doesn’t know why she’s still working there. At first she liked that it was removed from the rest of her life. Now it just seems like another part of it, which she finds a bit alarming.

Gid’s cell phone starts ringing, and Em comments that he’s got a lot of cell phone buddies. He says it’s a work thing, and when she starts razzing him about when does he work, he says he makes his own hours.

Cut to:

Close-up of hands sifting through a box of CDs, photos, envelopes.

Interior, Maggie’s apartment, Day:

It’s Max, going through a box of Jake’s stuff while Maggie paces behind him.

Maggie: Max, this is . . . There’s stuff in there that maybe you don’t want to see.

Max has found a strip of photos of Maggie and Jake taken in a photo booth. Maggie takes them from Max, as if trying to hide them, but it’s too late.

Max: I just don’t know how else to do this.

Maggie: It’s just we could look through Jake’s stuff forever, we’ll never know the whole story.

Max: Well, I’ll take any story, alright? What if “37 Channel” means something?

Maggie: Shouldn’t we leave the investigating to your dad?

Max has found a map among Jake’s effects.

Max: The case is stalled. (He shows the map to Maggie.) Channel Road. He circled it. In Oakland.

Maggie: (looking at the map) I’m coming with you.

Cut to:

Interior, Marlowe’s kitchen (no specific time reference given, but Em is at work, wearing her blue satin hostess dress, so I’m guessing evening):

The chef, a young man, probably in his mid- to late-20s (you readers already know him as Stack), calls Em over to taste a sauce he’s working on.

Chef: Hey, Pam. C’mere. Try this.

Em diverts from where she was going.

He holds the spoon for her while she blows on the sauce and gives it a taste. Her expression says she’s very impressed.

Em: Mmmmmm. MMMM. That’s good, Stack.

They move to the center island of the kitchen (this is a working restaurant kitchen, so everything is commercial grade). Stack starts shredding . . . cheese? . . . as he talks with Em.

Em: You do realize that you’re totally wasting your time cooking for the people here. They don’t care about great food. They care about semi-nude women in their laps.

Stack: Well, the two don’t have to be to be mutually exclusive. I mean, you ever hear of a little thing called the Roman Empire? Anyway, you just want me out of here so you can have my job.

Em: Actually, I do need a new job. I just quit.

Stack: Can’t quit.

Em: I did.

Stack: Well, it won’t happen. (Or “Well I won’t have it” . . . which I like better, but anyway . . . )

Em: Well it’s done.

Stack: (coming to a realization) Oh, right. New boyfriend. Happens all the time. (He’s kind of laughing at her.)

Em: Nooo. I make my own decisions. It’s just time to quit. I have a family.

This takes Stack by surprise.

Stack: (kinda nervous) Kids?

Em: Dude, no. Parents. (It’s her turn to laugh.)

Stack: (laughing with her) Well who’s gonna love my food, then?

Em: You’ll find someone. It’s easy to love.

She continues on her way to wherever she was going, then turns around, remembering something.

Em: Oh! Which reminds me. I need a recipe. Your butternut squash gnocchi.

Stack: (shakes his head and throws up his hands) Impossible. Can’t be taught.

Em: Try me. (She exits scene.)

Blue wash dissolve to:

Exterior, Street, Early evening:

Autumn leaves are scattered over the area as Max and Maggie ride up on the bike. He parks curbside opposite a house across the street. Maggie dismounts, Max puts down the kickstand and turns off the engine before climbing off the bike.

Maggie: (removing the silver helmet she’s wearing) Is that it?

Max: Yeah. I’m gonna get some pictures first.

He adjusts his satchel over his shoulder, removes his black helmet, and combs a hand through his hair. He takes out a camera, blows the dust off the lens, and starts snapping pictures of the house—number 37—and the neighborhood. He snaps a photo of a creepy guy (called Dirt Bag Guy in the credits) working on a car, and when the guy notices his pic is being taken, he does not look happy.

Mag: Uh, Max, I don’t think that’s the type of guy who wants his business on film.

Max: (as he’s putting the lens cap back on his camera) You’re probably right. C’mon.

He wraps the strap around the camera and shoves it into his satchel as Maggie starts across the street. Max takes his keys and helmet with him, watching as the guy starts to follow them.

Maggie and Max climb the stairs to the porch of number 37, an ill-kept house with peeling gray paint. They stop at the door as the guy, smoking a cigarette, calls to them from the bottom of the steps.

Creep: Hey! Go on and ring it. Don’t be shy. Oh, ya go up the stairs. (He turns and slouches off down the street.)

Maggie: (to Max) You heard him. Don’t be shy.

Max: I think he was talking to you.

Maggie rings the buzzer.

When the door unlocks, they go in.

Cut to:

Interior, Apartment house hall:

Max knocks on the door. A woman—the same blonde woman we saw earlier—opens the door without removing the chain. She eyes Max and Maggie.

Blondie: I don’t know you.

Max: No.

Blondie: You guys cops?

Max: (shakes his head slightly) No.

Blondie: If you are, you’re wasting your time here. (pause) Who sent you?

Max: (nodding his head toward the direction he came from) The guy across the street. (The lighting here is moody. Half of Max’s face is in shadow, which kinda makes the stare from the illuminated half of his face rather intense.)

Blondie: I just, I wasn’t expecting two of you. What do you want?

Max: (interested) Who were you expecting?

Blondie: No. You’re at my door. I ask the questions. (She eyes Maggie) You guys here for the same thing?

Max: (without blinking) Yeah.

Blondie: (indicating Maggie with a nod) She doesn’t seem so sure.

Max: She’s alright. Don’t worry.

Blondie closes the door and we hear her unhook the chain. She lets them in.

Interior, Blondie’s apartment:

Maggie sticks close to Max. Max makes a visual sweep of the place . . . reasonably nice, lots of candles and draped fabrics, a tea set on the coffee table. Blondie is wearing an attractive, if snuggly fitting sweater which shows off her shoulders and her figure.

Blondie: I’ll adapt for you two. (She’s standing by the door to the bedroom.) I charge by the hour. Nothing freaky, just sex.

After a stunned pause, Maggie leaves. Max gives Blondie one more look, then follows after.

Max: Maggie!

Blondie looks like she doesn’t know what to make of that.

Cut to:

Exterior, 37 Channel, moments later:

Maggie storms down the steps. She’s steamed. Max follows behind as quickly as he can.

Max: Maggie, wait!

Maggie: I was going to marry him!

Max: (following Maggie to the bike, but looking back and forth between her and the house) Come on, there’s got to be some sort of explanation.

Maggie: (disgusted) Jake was seeing that woman and sleeping in my bed!

Max: You don’t know that. You don’t know that! (He grabs her by the arm to pull her up short) C’mon. Hold on.

Maggie twists out of his grip.

Maggie: Let go of me.

Max: Maggie, wait—(he grabs for her again)

Maggie: (pulls away again) Let go of me!

She runs down the street, still carrying the bike helmet.

Max watches her go, worried, frustrated, upset.

Fade to BLACK


Interior, Marlowe’s kitchen, timeframe uncertain:

Close up of a hand held flat, palm up, in which rests a small wad of dough. Pull out to reveal:

Em is receiving lessons in how to make gnocchi from Stack. She’s on her own time, as she’s not wearing the blue silk dress, but rather a white shirt with pencil drawings on it. She’s listening attentively, and she looks a little apprehensive.

Stack: Now the key—okay?—the key to making gnocchi with integrity is balance. ‘Cause otherwise, you just get paste, and unless you’re patchin’ holes in the wall, you don’t want paste. Got it?

Em: What are you doing tomorrow night?

Stack: Not cookin’ for your family.

Em: (laughs) It was worth a try. (She reaches up on her toes to kiss him on the cheek.) Thanks for your help, Stack. (They shake hands.)

Stack: Goodbye, Pam. (With his left hand over his chest, since his right hand is still shaking Em’s) I will miss you, my friend.

Em: (walks past him to leave, a hand on chest as she goes. Then she turns around to tell him one more thing) Um, Stack? (He gives her his attention) Yeah, uh, my name’s not Pam. It’s Emily. I just, uh, I use Pam at the club. (She laughs nervously) But other than that, you got the real me.

Stack: “Pam”? You chose “Pam” as your strip club name when you could have been a Misty or a Topaz?

Em: (laughing) I know. I wasn’t feeling very creative that day.

Stack: Shame. It’s a real missed opportunity.

Em: I know.

They share a laugh.

Em: Keep in touch, okay? (She turns and leaves the scene)

Stack: (calling after her) Emily what?

Em pops back around the corner.

Em: Morgan. And you are . . . ?

Stack: Timmy Stackhouse.

Em: Timmy. (She smiles) Call sometime. Bye, Timmy. (She leaves)

Stack: Goodbye, Emily Morgan. I hardly knew ya.

Dissolve to:

Interior, Maggie’s apartment:

We hear knocking on the door, and pan over to see Maggie leaning against the door, telling the person to . . .

Maggie: Go away.

Max: (through the door) Maggie!

Maggie unlocks and opens the door.

Maggie: You don’t listen.

Max: I just wanted to make sure that you got home safe. Are you okay?

Maggie: (angry, irritated, not in a good mood) I’m peachy. Go. (She starts to close the door in his face.)

Max: (as he stops the door with the flat of his hand) Hold on. Maggie. Come on. I’m just trying to help.

Maggie: Really? Was that your goal?

Max: Yes. And it still is. I mean, I don’t understand. This can’t be true.

She turns her back and walks back into her apartment, allowing Max to enter. Maggie starts pacing, working herself up to a good fit of pique.

Maggie: I actually trusted him. He had me so fooled.

Max: (earnest and firm, gesturing from his chest to show it comes from his heart) I’m sorry.

Maggie: Are you, Max? Are you really sorry that the perfect brother’s not so perfect?

Max: (hardly getting a word in edgewise) Yes, I am.

Maggie: Because it doesn’t seem like such a stretch you could have set me up for that.

Max: What?

Maggie: Takes the pressure off if both the Morgan boys were cheaters, right?

Max: (like he just took a physical blow) That’s low.

Maggie: Low? Jake was seeing a whore. Almost makes you look like the good brother.

Max: (he can’t believe what he’s hearing) You’re gonna bring that up now?

Maggie: What? Your surfer girl? It seems relevant.

Max: It happened once.

Maggie: Once is enough. (An ironic laugh) To think Jake was there to offer comfort.

Max: So I messed it up, and not a day goes by that I don’t regret it.

Maggie: Still, it doesn’t seem so bad compared to your brother paying for it, does it?

Max: Okay, if you think I knew what we were going to find when we got there, then you don’t know me at all.

Maggie: I don’t think I want to know you at all. I wish to God I’d never met you. Or your brother.

Max: Don’t say that.

Maggie: I’m done with you. I’m done with both of you. I want you out of my life.

A pause. Max’s expression is neutral, but hurt at the same time. Then he turns and walks out without a backward glance, slamming the door firmly behind him.

VOJ: It’s true. Max did hurt Maggie before she came to me. I thought I’d like seeing her give him hell for it, but I don’t. Not like this.

Dissolve to:

Establishing shot:

Exterior, Morgan house, Night.

Cut to:

Interior, Morgan kitchen:

Mom and Dad exchange conversation about how Charlotte’s day went (busy) and Em must really like this guy (Mom says it’s the first guy Em’s been interested in in a long time). Em pops in and says she’s going to take a shower, and if he gets here before she’s done, no third degree, professional interrogators especially (obviously directed at her dad), no cop questioning. Stall. And keep Daisy away from the stove; she’s a hazard.

Cut to:

Interior, Max’s room, moments later:

Max has changed into a darker t-shirt (he was wearing light blue, now his wearing dark/olive green), and he’s putting on his suede jacket and packing his satchel. Emily bops by, leans into his room on the door jamb.

Em: (with a smile) Hey. Dinner is gonna blow your mind, homeboy.

Max: (holding a stack of pictures—8x10?—that he’s developed) I found it. Number 37 Channel. (He hands Em the pics. As he continues packing. . . ) There’s a woman there. Apparently Jake was paying her; that’s what “score” was.

Em: (disbelieving) A prostitute? No way. That can’t be. (She comes all the way in to Max’s room and sits on his bed.) Jake would never, he would never do that. It’s gotta be something else.

Max: Yeah. (It’s more an exhale than agreement)

Em: (looking from the pix to Max) Did you, did you tell Dad or anyone?

Max: (slinging his satchel across his shoulder) Um . . . Maggie was with me. (He runs a nervous hand through his hair.)

Em sighs in understanding.

Max: Yeah. I’m gonna take a rain check on dinner, okay? (He bends and kisses Em on top of her head.) Sorry. (Grabbing his helmet, he’s out the door.)

Cut to:

Interior, front hall:

As Max is coming down the stair, Mom and Dad are carrying appetizer trays to the living room.

Ben: Hey! Hey, where you goin’? You gotta help me size up this Gideon guy.

Charlotte: No sizing up. Be nice. (To Max) Max, Emily cooked dinner.

Max: Something came up.

Charlotte: Max . . .

The doorbell rings as Max is about to open the door.

Charlotte: Oh my gosh.

Ben: Seven minutes early.

On second thought, Max decides to leave out the back door. He elbows his way between his parents and exits the scene.

Charlotte: Ooh, that’s impressive.

Ben: Or tryin’ too hard.

Charlotte opens the door to . . .

Stack: Uh, hi. I’m Stack. Is Emily . . . uh . . . (he points toward the interior of the house.)

Ben: Be down in a sec.

Charlotte: (puzzled) Stack?

Stack: It’s a nickname. Uh, my last name is Stackhouse.

Ben: (he immediately likes Stack and offers him a hearty handshake.) Stack. I like that. Welcome to our home.

They invite Stack in.

Charlotte: Yes, we’ve heard so much about you.

Stack: You have? Cool.

Daisy comes down the stairs and introduces herself.

Daisy: (with a grin) Hi. I’m Daisy. (They shake hands.)

Stack: Hi. (He checks his watch) I hope I’m not too late to help with dinner. It’s—

Charlotte: Oh, I’m sure Em could use a hand. She’s been working like a fiend.

Stack: Yeah, I can smell it. I love a girl who’s not afraid of garlic.

They all chuckle at the joke. Stack is really making a good impression on Ben.

Charlotte invites him into the parlor. Ben offers him a drink.

Stack: Beer?

Ben: Would you like a Bud?

Stack: Yeah, I’d love one.

Ben: Good. (As he leaves, to himself) That’s all we got.

Cut to:

Moments later. Stack is enjoying his beer as he sits and shares stories with the fam.

Stack: So now I’m like three miles down this dirt road, right? And out comes this little French dude. Glass of wine in his hand. He ran a restaurant out of his trailer. But he served, like, literally the best, like the best roast goose ever prepared. Called the place Chez Double-wide. It was great, though.

Everyone has a chuckle, then Charlotte indicates the entryway to the parlor.

Charlotte: (with a smile) There she is.

Em comes down the stairs and is brought up short when she enters the parlor and finds . . .

Em: Uh, Stack.

Stack: Hey. (Sets his beer bottle down and rises) You look good.

Em: (not happy) Kitchen. Now.

Mom and Dad raise eyebrows, and Daisy snarks.

Daisy: Ouch. Way to bitch slap your date.

Stack follows Em out of the room to the kitchen.

Ben: Seems alright.

Charlotte nods agreement.

In the kitchen:

Em: I said call sometime.

Stack: I thought I’d surprise you and help with the food.

Em: Not necessary.

The doorbell rings.

Em: Oh my God. That’s him.

Stack: Him who?

Em: My date.

Stack checks his watch.

Stack: He’s twenty-five minutes late.

Em: Shut up.

Em heads to the front hall.

Daisy opens the door to Gideon.

Gideon: Hi.

Daisy just smiles nicely, noncommittally. She has no idea why this man is at their house.

Gideon: I’m Gideon, and you must be Daisy.

Daisy: (breathes a laugh. She’s gonna have fun with this) Well, hello. Come on in. (She takes the flowers Gid has brought.) Oh, those are lovely.

Ben and Charlotte enter from the parlor.

Daisy: Mom. Dad. Meet Gideon.

Mom and Dad look at each other, then over to Em and Stack, who both appear less than comfortable with the misunderstanding.

Dissolve to:

Establishing shot, exterior, Channel Road sign, night.

Dissolve to:

Street level, a riderless bike, Max’s.

Dissolve to:

Crane up to second story of 37 Channel.

Cut to:

Interior hallway. Max knocks on the door, and the blonde woman, wearing a black slip, answers.

Blondie: You’re back.

Max says nothing, eyes shifting from her eyes, down further, then away quickly, and back to her eyes. He’s nervous.

She closes the door, unhooks the chain, and opens the door again.

Max: How much for an hour?

Red wash to BLACK

Acts IV & V


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Aug. 30th, 2008 10:26 pm (UTC)
Thanks for doing this. I know it must be a lot of work to prepare these. I really, really wish I could see this too. Alas, not to be. :)

(Also, the butternut squash dish is spelled "gnocchi", not "nioki")
Aug. 30th, 2008 10:34 pm (UTC)
You're welcome. It's fun to watch these, and stopping the tape after each line so I can type is getting to be second nature.

(Also, the butternut squash dish is spelled "gnocchi", not "nioki")

Ah, thank you. I had no idea how to spell it, and when I did a Google search with various spellings, "nioki" is what came up as an Italian (or sometimes Greek with strong Italian influence) pasta.

No wonder I couldn't find it in any of the culinary glossaries. Thanks!

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