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Fun with SPN Trivia - Updated

As a summer project, since I sped through the series so quickly on first viewing, I've been going back and re-watching SPN from the beginning. It's interesting because I'm finding that eps I didn't really like the first time around I'm liking somewhat better on re-watch, and I'd forgotten how truly creepy some of those early eps were. I'm also discovering every episode has something to recommend it, usually in the character development. So much of the early tidbits seem to have gotten lost among the mytharc (or the fanon), and it's been fun going back and seeing where certain catch phrases originated and such.

For example,

Did you know:

That Sam didn't know about the rock salt shot gun shells until Dean showed them to him in "Hookman"? The rock salt shells were something Dean and John came up with while Sam was at Stanford.

"Hookman" also establishes Sam's preference for what we at my work call "fancy coffee."

"Phantom Traveler" tells us that Dean sleeps with a Bowie knife under his pillow. I assume it's silver.

Also, "Phantom Traveler" indicates that the Boys have rarely tangled with demons before. Perhaps on occasion, but not as much as one might think. This makes Sam's comment calling John a demon hunter in "Nightmare" a wee bit incongruous, but it doesn't really bother me.

There are two different time frames for Sam's college given in the show (this has already been pointed out as a mistake by Eric Kripke). In the Pilot, we get that Sam and Dean hadn't spoken for two years. The way I read this is that they have not spoken since Sam left for college. In "Hookman," Dean comments, "So this is how you spent four perfectly good years of your life," when they're at the library doing research. Sam responds, "Welcome to higher education."

Sam initiates the whole "Jerk/Bitch" ritual in the Pilot.

Sam drives the Impala a lot in S1.

"Asylum" gives us the classic "That attitude right there? That's why I always got the extra cookie" from Dean.

"Wendigo" establishes Dean's love of peanut M&Ms. However, I'm still looking for the scene that might have established Dean's love of food in general. Anyone?

"Skin" comes earlier in the series than I remember. It also gives us our first taste of Dean's self-image issues (admittedly through the mouthpiece of Not!Dean, so factor that into the equation).

"Bugs" gives us the conversation wherein Dean reveals that John would swing by Stanford to check up on Sam whenever he had the chance.

"Home" has all sorts of stuff that could play into the mytharc next season. Mary says to Sam, "I'm sorry." And Missouri tells Sam that Mary "destroyed herself" to protect her boys.

Also, it's not until "Home" that Dean knows of the psychic nature of Sam's nightmares. ". . . you tell me you've got the shining? . . ."

"Bloody Mary" shows us that the ghost hunting equipment is Dean's (duh). Sam doesn't know how to activate the night vision on the cam-corder.

It's not until "Scarecrow" that the Boys know that a demon killed their mom.

"Nightmare" gives us visual evidence of Dean's love of food. There's mention of free barbeque in "Bugs," but I think "Nightmare" is the first we see the Dean + Food = Highly Amusing in the show. (If I'm mistaken, please let me know.)

"Hell House" is the first mention of iron rounds. Wrought iron rounds, I think, no mention of consecrated iron, though. Again, if there's a previous mention that I missed, please let me know.

Actually, not a previous mention, but a subsequent mention. In "Something Wicked," Dean states that a striga can be killed with consecrated wrought iron, buckshot or rounds.

"Provenance" once again tells us that iron can ward off evil spirits, but it has to be pure.

Wow. I've thought for ages, based on the color of the plate, that Bobby's pick-up had an Ohio plate. It looks *just* like an Ohio plate. But having re-watched "Devil's Trap" with a cleaner picture than our TV gives, I see that it actually does say "South Dakota." And after looking up the plates, I'm pretty amazed at how similar SD plates and OH plates are. I do think OH has some of the prettiest standard plates around. They're very patriotic, and almost look like diplomatic plates.

And speaking of "Devil's Trap," this is where we first meet Bobby.

Season 3 Trivia:

Sam takes the bed closest to the door in "Sin City."

That's it for now. I'm sure I'll be keeping a running tally of things I discover.



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Jun. 2nd, 2008 07:02 pm (UTC)
That Sam didn't know about the rock salt shot gun shells until Dean showed them to him in "Hookman"? The rock salt shells were something Dean and John came up with while Sam was at Stanford.

Huh. That kind of annoys me, because they're such a basic tool, it seems like they'd have come up with this before then. But I guess they needed someone to explain the ghost guns to, since the audience needed to have that exposition.

Sam drives the Impala a lot in S1.

A lot more than people seem to remember. But then, once Dean's rebuilt it with his own hands, he's very clingy about the drivers' seat.

"Asylum" gives us the classic "That attitude right there? That's why I always got the extra cookie" from Dean.

This just cracked me and my brother up.

"Bugs" gives us the conversation wherein Dean reveals that John would swing by Stanford to check up on Sam whenever he had the chance.

I didn't remember this, either (Hookman and Bugs ended up being the only two eps I never re-watched) but it makes me happy. Oh, John and Sam. Such hardheads.
Jun. 2nd, 2008 07:34 pm (UTC)
Re: rock salt shells . . . I can see how it would annoy (rock salt shells were occasionally my dad's repellent for pests of the non-supernatural variety; one would think John would have come up with this much sooner), but for some reason, it doesn't bother me. Even though Sam asked if it was something John and Dean came up with, I like to think that it was a product of Dean's ingenuity, much like building an EMF detector from a broken walk-man.

(And as far as exposition goes, it makes a whole lot more sense then Dean needing ghost ships explained in "Red Sky," when he was the one to refresh Sammy on the concept in "Route 666."

Re: Bugs and Hookman . . . yeah, I didn't re-watch them until this recent re-watch, but upon re-watch, I liked them much better the second time around, probably because I now know the boys better and I'm watching for the characterization rather than the story. Phantom Traveler was the same way for me.

Re: driving the Impala . . . yeah, I think the whole semi wreck, near-death, "save Sammy," re-build the Impala thing really went a long way in Dean's reluctance to hand the wheel over to anyone else. I can imagine that so few things feel within his control that driving his baby is the one thing Dean does feel he has control over.
Mar. 23rd, 2010 04:57 am (UTC)
Hi! So, um, super late to this party...anyway, I recall an interview with Jensen (I think it was in one of the SPN official magazines) where he said that early in season one he randomly ate some food while Sam and Dean were at a victim's house because it just seemed like something rude that Dean would do and the producers/writers thought it was so funny they started writing it in the scripts and now he rues that day. I have always imagined that the episode to which he refers is "Nightmare" because food would have been written in even without Dean's propensity for shoving it in his mouth, which means Jensen would have opportunity to ad-lib some snacking.

I, too, have noticed the rock salt rounds comment Sam makes in "Hookman" and reading pre-series fic where they use the rock salt shotguns has always secretly driven me crazy in a very anal retentive manner.

Wow, I didn't mean to write that much...sorry. Um...can I friend you?
Mar. 23rd, 2010 12:05 pm (UTC)
No worries on the lateness. Welcome to the party! :-)

Re: the eating . . . Yes, Jensen shared that story at a convention. I've seen the con clip somewhere. It's hilarious! I think it probably was in "Nightmare," because there's that plate of cocktail wieners and Dean just digs right in. He's also talked about what a mistake the caramels were in "Tall Tales." Again, his idea, but he said that it was so much sugar that his mouth went numb. Jensen has a fantastic sense of visual comedy. A lot of what I think are the best (sometimes silliest or most bizarre) things that happen in the show are his idea (nailing the kid with the dodge ball in "After School Special," as well as the gym teacher shorts in the same ep). It's one of the reasons I love him so. :-)

Re: the rock salt . . . I try not to think about it when I read about it in pre-series fic. Because, yeah, once I made that connection, it really started to grate.

I see you already friended me. :-) Thank you for introducing yourself and making yourself known. I don't have a "formal" friending policy. If someone finds me interesting, they're welcome to do so. If we find we have a lot in common or converse often, I'll probably friend you back. I appreciate your letting me know you're here. :-)


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